So, Jaymes White, (you ask), what IS a Séance?

Well, my fear-loving friend, my Séance consists of a thorough investigation of a ghost-infested location. When I scout locations, it is very important to me that I find a very haunted place. I may be a mindreader, but I still need to do my research and when it comes to horror, ghosts, fear, and the paranormal in general, I take it very seriously. I. Do. My. Research!

And that research, my friends, has paid off! We have located an amazingly haunted house in Toronto that is going to be the site for our Fall Séance. First, a big shout out and THANK YOU to Mari for her tireless and dedicated efforts to finding this place and then securing it for our Toronto Séance investigation.

Where is this séance you ask? Sorry, but the mark of a good entertainer is “always leave them wanting more” and since I aspire to be a good entertainer all I can tell you is the name of the Séance is The Beverley Street Séance. Now, I leave it to you to be a good researcher to find out where it is! Hint: the Séance picture is the actual Toronto ghost house that we will be investigating! 😉 😉 😉



Jaymes White