Greetings my loyal humans!

After such an incredible Halloween season with the Black Creek Séance in Toronto, where I conducted an authentic Victorian Séance, I am partnering again with Black Creek Pioneer Village to bring you my Art of Mindreading experience.

This is a mind-blowing show based on the Oracle act. A lot of people think I am a medium, mentalist, or a psychic… what do you think? Come to my show and find out! It is an intimate setting, specifically designed that way so that you get a lot of up close and personal attention (but if you’re the shier type, you can still blend into the crowd). I’ll only pick on you if you want me to (or perhaps I will hypnotize you into thinking that you want to participate). Are you scared yet? If you experienced the horror that the Séance delivered, don’t worry! It’s not as scary (or as haunted) as my Ottawa and Toronto Séances and I have asked the ghosts to sit this one out.

I’m bringing you two shows in May: Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th. Both shows start at 8:00 p.m. Please visit my website for tickets.

Yours Truly,
Jaymes White