The Art of Mindreading

An intimate and up close experience. Jaymes demonstrates ancient techniques culminating in a recreation of the world famous oracle act.

Renowned Mindreader Jaymes White takes a break from the big stage. Jaymes brings his mind-blowing brand of entertainment up close and personal. Jaymes and the audience explore ancient mind reading customs and traditions in ‘The Art of Mindreading.’

This show is based on the Oracle act. Using the ancient study of mindreading, Jaymes with the help of the audience, is able to accomplish astonishing feats of memory, hypnotism and mindreading. Jaymes uses a thorough understanding of statistics, his own intuition, logic and the hidden talents of the human mind. Audiences of all ages leave Jaymes’ shows feeling amazed, uplifted, and with a much greater appreciation for the untapped potential within their own mind.

“The Art of Mindreading” moves fluidly from drama to suspense to hilarity. Experience first-hand the world of extrasensory perception!

Designed for intimate groups, this show is a walk-around performance and takes Jaymes directly into the group for an intimate close-up demonstration. The show is performed only inches away from guests and sometimes inside of their own minds. It will give everyone something to talk about, not only during the event, but for days after!