A theatrical stage show, join Jaymes on a deep interconnected journey into the human psyche.


A theatrical stage show, join Jaymes on a deep interconnected journey into the human psyche.

Theatrical show for groups of 100+​​

Paradox is an innovative, audience oriented stage show like nothing you have seen before. What makes Paradox so unique is the dynamic participation of the audience members. Master mentalist Jaymes White creates the impression of predicting the future, reading or even controlling minds. The show would not be possible without the audience’s participation.

Paradox is a mindreading show like no other, by incorporating elements of story, myth and urban legends Jaymes and the audience embark on an incredible journey that proves the most fantastic destinations are deep inside of your own mind. With the help of his sidekick Freddy, and the audience, Jaymes spins an epic, and interconnected tale that spans from the reaches of reality to the depths of the human soul and may just visit some familiar places before it is done. A delight to true believers and cynics, to the uninitiated and to old friends, Paradox promises that all in attendance will gain a new appreciation for the powers locked within their own minds.

After years of studying the secrets of human behaviour and obtaining
a BA in Criminal Psychology, Jaymes wrote Paradox over two years of intense research and testing. When Paradox finally debuted in the spring of 2013 tickets sold out within 3 days. With the show a success, Jaymes launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next leg of his tour, which raised over $10,000 and was the 52nd highest rated performance project in Kickstarter history. Jaymes, and Freddy have gone on to perform many sold out shows across Ontario.

The Paradox experience is constantly reinventing itself because it is written by you, the audience. Without providing any spoilers, Paradox is guaranteed to knock anyone off their feet and make you question what is TRUE and what is all in your head. Only you can solve the puzzle.

My Mind is blown!!!

– Gord St. Denis, Jump Radio

I have never seen an audience so captivated and entertained

– Roseanne T, audience member

You will leave Jaymes’ show with your mouths hanging open in disbelief

– Laurie L.R., audience member

Every show is a new experience, and I still haven’t figured out his many secrets

– Danielle Allard, Musician

Each show that Jaymes performs hits hard and leaves audience members questioning reality and the power of the human mind. Participating in a Jaymes White event is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.