A History

“Some cry, some bolt from the room, one person was known to wet themselves, and many are left with a sense of the surreal. ”
– Rita DeMontis, Toronto Sun

A Jaymes White Séance is unlike anything anyone has experienced before! Jaymes’ extensive interest in the unexplained has led him to conduct in-depth research into accounts of paranormal activities. His unique ability allows him to effectively explore haunted locations and summon the spirits within using traditional Victorian Séance techniques!

Since its inception in 2015, Jaymes has run the biggest and most successful séances in haunted locations across Canada.  All Jaymes’ séances have completely sold out, and are acclaimed as the scariest gathering in the country.

Jaymes’ Hintonburg Séance, MH Séance, Black Creek Séance, Beverley Street Séance, EVOKE Virtual Séance, Eatonville Farmhouse Séance and Howland Inn Séance have terrified more than 18,500 participants. They are clearly not for children or the faint of heart. We suggest all participants are 18+.  BUT if you insist on bringing your kids, we will not pay for the child’s therapy that will inevitably be required after this experience. People have been known to run out of the locations screaming and crying.

If you value your sleep and do not like sleeping with the lights on, this séance may not be for you. Participants have reported insomnia and vivid nightmares in the wake of this experience.


“Man, it freaked me out.”
– Sid Seixeiro, Breakfast Television

With over 20 years of experience, Jaymes knows exactly what it takes to create a memorable event. With our experienced production team at your side, you can create a spectacular event that attendees will be talking about for months to come.