1. How do I get tickets to The Séance?
    To purchase tickets for The Séance, click “Buy Tickets Now”. You will be
    directed to The Haunted Walk’s ticketing system.
  2. How scary is it?
    Very. There is a reason The Séance sells out quickly. You have never
    experienced anything like this.
  3. Will I see ghosts?
    Perhaps. Many people have claimed to experience paranormal activity at
    our séances. Each guest has their own experience.
  4. Will we be sitting at a table for 2 hours?
    No. The Seance experience consists of sitting, standing and walking at
    various times. There will be a few stairs.
  5. Are cameras allowed?
    Photography/filming is not permitted inside the building.
  6. What days are The Séance?
    Most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (a few Sundays as well) from
    July 6 – November 10, 2018. To see all available dates and times
    click “Buy Tickets Now”.
  7. How many people per séance?
    To keep the experience intimate and personal, each séance is limited
    to a maximum of 18 people.
  8. How old do you have to be to be to participate?
    Due to the very frightening nature of the experience, we require all
    participants to be 18+.
  9. Are the tickets refundable?
    Due to the popularity of The Séance, tickets are non-refundable.
    However, if you run into a situation where you cannot attend, please
    call The Haunted Walk (416-238-1473) as soon as possible and we will
    do our best to assist.