Are you as excited as I am for the weather to be warming up?




I got so excited about the nice weather last week that Mother Nature decided to dump a bunch of snow on us! Never EVER say “It’s so nice that Spring is finally here” in April. BIG MISTAKE, people. It’s funny, I am the first to admit that I am not psychic, but perhaps I have some kind of supernatural powers where manipulating nature is concerned LOL!

Being the mindreader and mentalist that I am, I know what you’re thinking: “But Jaymes, you’re a vampire, how do you survive in the warm and welcoming light of day?” The secret is that I don’t go out during the day (except for the occasional tennis match – who’s up for a game?). A vampire who plays tennis – now you’ve heard it all right? Don’t worry, I won’t quit my night job. Victorian Séances are way more fun (and terrifying) than the standard desk job anyway… well, maybe not as terrifying as a desk job, but ghosts are a close second). Plus, there is the added bonus that I can stay up all night and sleep all day.

What are you humans most excited about with this upcoming Spring weather? Feel free to drop me a line and walk me through a typical day in the life of a human who is about to emerge from the long, dark, haunted winter. But please, don’t tell Mother Nature I told you to do this – don’t tempt her to bring winter back!

Yours Truly,
Jaymes White