Jaymes’ lifelong fascination with the mysteries of the human mind and the patterns that exist in our subconscious has granted him a transcendent understanding of human behaviour. He is a master at manipulation; using hypnotism, suggestion, and mind control. Jaymes has been able to harness universal subconscious patterns to predict the behaviour of both crowds of bystanders as well as that of his audiences. Jaymes has also trained his memory so that it is more powerful and reliable than an eidetic memory.

Jaymes has acquired such a following that even detectives, law-enforcement, and people in sensitive areas have sought him out for advice and training on how to tell when someone is lying, how to read people’s body language and handwriting, and how to improve their memory. Jaymes also works with universities to deliver seminars which focus mainly on memory development for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. He’s even had companies enlist his skills to tell when one of their staff members is stealing from them, so watch out! He may be coming for you!

When you’re a part of the Jaymes White interactive experience, you will witness people forgetting their own name or being stuck with a needle in their arm without feeling any pain. You will witness him identify soulmates in the audience and prove their love is meant to be and written in the stars. You are never just an audience member; when you’re with Jaymes White, you are the show!

Jaymes’ extensive interest in the unexplained has also lead him to conduct in-depth research into accounts of paranormal activities. Because of his unique ability to read human behaviour he has found to be quite effective at exploring known haunted locations and summoning the spirits within, using traditional Victorian séance techniques! Since its inception in 2015, Jaymes has run the biggest and most successful séances across Canada, which have each been completely sold out and are acclaimed as the scariest gathering in the country. These events are not for children or the faint of heart. People have been known to run out of the locations screaming and crying. If you value your sleep and enjoy sleeping in the dark, this séance may not be for you. Participants have reported insomnia and vivid nightmares in the wake of this experience.

Jaymes launched the cross-Canada tour of his critically-acclaimed stage show PARADOX in 2013. After a premiere which sold out in three days Jaymes has been astounding sold out crowds ever since. Jaymes also wrote and starred in his television series Mind Games and has quickly vaulted into the Canadian entertainment scene. He continues to tour with PARADOX and has written and produced the intimate “Art of Mindreading”, both of which have amazed audiences across Canada. He also won the prestigious FACES magazine’s “2018 Entertainer of the Year” award.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Jaymes will be the first to admit that he has no psychic powers or ‘gifts’; although many have referred to him as a witch. His mastery of the human mind has been hard won through decades of intense observation, study, and practice.

In his spare time Jaymes enjoys playing guitar and writing songs. His biggest musical influences are Kurt Cobain and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and he enjoys a wide variety of musical genres. In addition to his powerful mental abilities Jaymes keeps his body in top shape, he works out six days a week and loves (winning) a good game of tennis.

Filming his tv series, Mind Games

He must have superpowers because I just can’t wrap my head around some of the things he’s capable of.

– Rachel Gilmore, Global

Jaymes White is seriously good at what he does.

– National Post


Freddy’s origins are forever a mystery, he was discovered in a black box which bore only the words DO NOT OPEN by contractors while tearing down an abandoned vaudeville theatre. After a chain of owners he was entrusted to Jaymes by a local antiquities dealer who believed Jaymes might be able to harness Freddy’s power. Despite their extreme differences in style and values Freddy and Jaymes have forged a close-knit team, and now perform together whenever Freddy’s schedule permits. Jaymes has vowed to continue to safeguard Freddy from the world… and the world from Freddy.


With over 20 years of experience, Jaymes knows exactly what it takes to create a memorable event. With our experienced production team at your side, you can create a spectacular event that attendees will be talking about for months to come.