"You're a master mindreader” 

– Derick Fage, Breakfast Television Montreal

"Jaymes is a true wizard"
-House of Targ

"Mind blowing performance"

- Great Pumpkin Charity Ball

"Jaymes is a neurological locksmith with a specialization in cranial detonation."

-Networking for Nerds

"Mind ****"

-DJ Noah, Live 88.5

​The Art Of Mindreading

A Stage show for 200 or more guests. Join Jaymes on a deep interconnected journey into the human psyche.



A once in a lifetime experience, Jaymes invites a small group of up to 20 guests to a chilling recreation of an authentic Victorian Seance. 

An intimate Experience for 25-100, Jaymes demonstrates ancient techniques culminating in a recreation of the world famous oracle act.